Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How long does the free support last?
A: We offer free unlimited support of system for one year from the time the system goes live.  Support includes on-line or phone.

Q: Is there a warranty on the equipment?
A: All equipment has a 1 year manufactures warranty.  We will determine if equipment malfunction is covered under the warranty and we will take the necessary actions to get the equipment replaced or repaired.  We will also provide equipment on loan until existing equipment is replaced or repaired.

Q: If power to the Canteen or Social Quarters goes out, will we lose all the data?
A: No.  At most, 1 transaction will be lost.  We recommend installing a UPS as a backup power source on the computer that maintains the data and each touch screen terminal.  Power surge protectors are also recommended for all equipment.  All data will be stored on a single assigned computer.  That computer is designated as the file server.

Q: How will the Touch Screen computers be networked to the back office computer?
A: Up to 5 computers can be networked together using ethernet technology for direct cable connect and Windows Workgroup services.  For more than 5 computers a Domain has to be set up.

Q: How long does it take to get Canteen Manager Up and running?
A: From the time a Sales Order is signed to the day the system goes live can be as little as 3 weeks.  Additional time is required if your organization requires any special programming such as new reports or applications.

Q: Can I buy my own or use my own computers?
A: Yes.  We will install and set up Canteen Manager on your existing computers and configure your network.  We highly recommend touch screen monitors for the bar.

Q: How do you provide support if we are in another city?
A: We use a pier-to-pier secure support program to access your system over the internet.  Most problems can be resolved in a matter of minutes.  Program updates/patches are free and are installed for free.

Please contact us with any questions about our product and service.  Contact Us.