Canteen Manager has been designed exclusively for Not-For-Profit organizations to allow management to set prices and monitor costs through on-screen queries and reports.  The sales, purchasing and inventory of liquor, wine, food snacks, soda and beer can be monitored and will give insight as to where costs are being allocated.  Use of this software in your organization will also help keep employees honest and accountable.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

The point-of-sale software is custom designed and programmed to meet the specific needs of  member organizations.  Ease of use and speed has been emphasized during development of the software.  Interviews were conducted with bartenders, finance officers, treasurers, trustees and quartermasters to determine screen and report/query requirements.  All cash transactions are automatically posted to the back office computer in detail and  interfaced to the inventory control and purchasing  programs. A master table of canteen/social quarter items, including all beverages sold will be maintained along with selling price so that the user need only, for example,  (touch) the category, (touch) the item then, optionally (touch) the amount tendered  and Total on the screen to complete a sale. A can of soda can be sold by the bartender with a minimum of (3) touches on the screenA beginning balance and running balance of the cash drawer can be viewed and will also display the users name and date and time the terminal  was opened.


Payments to vendors and payments for other services can be entered using the touch screen terminals.  These payments will be interfaced to the purchasing system on the back office computer.  All transactions recorded on the touch screen terminals will include date, time and user id data. 


Bartender Cash-Out Summary


A File of Vendors is maintained and includes name, address, phone and email information along with all items purchased and their price.  In addition, a history of all purchases are stored for historical comparison and for the system assisted generation of purchase orders.  Purchase orders can be automatically emailed to the vendor at the user’s request.  This data maintained in the purchasing module will be interfaced to the inventory module as orders are placed and as orders are received.   An average cost of items (using Weighted Average Method) is automatically calculated by the system based on purchases entered.  All purchasing functions can be performed on the touch screen terminals in addition to the back office computer.

Purchase Orders are not mandatory.  A purchase can be entered directly into inventory but without a purchase order identity.


A master item file is maintained and referenced by purchasing and point-of-sale programs.  The master item file includes a beverage category, brand name, unit of measure, average cost per unit, servings per unit, price per serving, beginning month inventory count, purchases for the month, ending month inventory and on-hand balance.  Purchases will be automatically updated by the purchasing system and usage will be updated by the Point-of-Sale system.  Inventory worksheets can be printed to assist in the monthly taking of the inventory and adjustments can be made at any time.

A month ending physical inventory of all items is recommended but not mandatory.  In order to correctly report usage and sales variance to usage manual adjustments may be required.  Complete reporting of your organization's status as to sales and usage is available in the system.  On-hand balance of any item is available as a query or report and is calculated by using month beginning balance plus purchases minus sales detail data.


Message System

A message system is integrated into the system so that all users of the system can communicate individually or as a group.  There are 3 types of messages that can be sent and will reflect the urgency.  Reminders with active dates are also available with follow-ups.



Three levels of security are available and assigned by management.  The include bartenders, trustees, back office and administrative.  The system gives access based upon the users security level.



  • Sales Detail Reports
  • Sales Summery Reports
  • Daily Cash Journal
  • Sales/Item Usage Analysis
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Inventory Value
  • Re-Order Point
  • Slow Moving Items
  • Purchases
  • Inventory/Purchases/Price Worksheets
  • Bartender Time Reports
  • Cash Drawer Open Time


All Reports/Queries have options to select data by date range, item, category, type, and bartender.


Management can send announcements to each other, bartenders and others with the message system included in the package.


Hourly, daily by category, type and  item specials can be established as well as price adjustments for entertainment and parties.


Sales/Usage history reporting is available and can help plan for future events and seasonal purchasing.

                                                      Sales Detail by selected Item



                                                         Item Query 




Process Menus