Canteen ManagerTM

Is a computer POS system with hardware and software designed exclusively for Not For Profit organizations to help manage and save on the cost of selling food and beverage to their members.  The package includes Point-of-Sale, Inventory Control and Purchasing programs along with Touch Screen monitors, cash drawers and printers.

The sales, purchasing and inventory of liquor, wine, food, snacks, soda and beer can be monitored and will give insight as to where costs are being allocated.  Using Canteen Manager will also help keep employees honest and accountable.

Your Organization can be up and running with Canteen Manager in less than 3 weeks.  It's that simple.  The bartender needs to know very little about computers to operate the Canteen Manager cash register.  They just need to recognize the picture(icon) on the screen and touch it.  From there follow the flow and the computer will do the work.

System Includes:

 Touch Screens

Auto Cash Drawers

Receipt Printers

Network Hubs

Hardware Setup

Software Installation and Setup




Included with a system purchase is a Web-Site with your organization's name (.org), home page, officers page, auxiliary page, event calendar, email and news from your organization.

We provide an Affordable, Complete Package.
You can not beat our price. 

Please contact us for more information or a price quote.

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Our Easy-to-Use Touch Screen monitors provide complete customer sales apps. All on one screen.

A bartender can be trained to use the P.O.S. touch screen application in less than 30 minutes!








                  You choose the cash register touch screen size.  From 15" to 21"


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